What the area offers

Viseul de Sus is a varieted area that assures a multitude of recreation posibilities.

The major attractions of the area are the mountains, that surround the town, mountains in wich the wildness still exists. Because the forest is composed from resinous trees the air becames very ozonized.

The Vaser Valley and the steam train represent a great touristical attraction of the town.

Also the town represents a departure point towards the main touristical point of Maramures:
the villages with wooden churches and monasteries
customs and traditions
nature attractions (reservations)


In the century of speed, in Maramures still exist water actioned equipment. You will be surprised by the ingenuousness of simple people.

The peasant Complex in Ieud
Includes the mill, fulling mill, whirlpool, loom

The ceramics workshop
You should try to make your own clay pot.....

The weaving mill workshop
You will see how tissue is made and what kind of tissue to use for different clothes and not only that.

The workshop of folk master Tulean Gheorghe
The wood tradition is what makes Maramures famous, she is still keept alive

The leather processing workshop of master Skurka Iosif

The ukrainian orthodox religoius objects workshop of master Beuca Stefan

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